The baroque castle is surrounded by a 21-hectare park. At your disposal are about 25-30 mostly furnished with antique furniture premises. The secluded location of the castle allowed a panoramic view without any modern infrastructure and has convenient road access and adequate parking and storage capacity both in the castle itself and in the adjoining farm.


Castle & Park

Rooms & Halls

Corridors & Stairways

Garages & Storages


Infrastructure facts
  • Parking: Parking for cars and trucks plentiful
  • Stock: Covered and navigable storage bins Power: High voltage current available
  • Power: High voltage current available
  • Catering: professional catering close
  • Landing facilities for helicopters
  • Airport LOAB (Dobersberg) 25 km away
  • 3 golf courses in the area
  • Riding horses and carriage horses, stables adjacent